Sympathique Agreement

Sympathique agreement might sound like a fancy term from a French language class, but it’s actually a concept that copy editors and writers should be familiar with. Sympathique agreement refers to the grammatical agreement between the subject of a sentence and adjectives used to describe it.

The idea of sympathique agreement is that the adjective used to describe the subject of the sentence should agree in gender and number with that subject. For example, if the subject of the sentence is masculine and singular, the adjective should also be masculine and singular.

Why is this important? For one, it’s a basic grammatical principle that helps ensure clarity and precision in writing. But sympathique agreement is also important from an SEO perspective.

Search engines like Google use algorithms to scan and analyze content on websites and determine how relevant and valuable that content is for users. One of the factors that search engines consider is the quality of the writing itself, including grammar and syntax.

If your writing is full of errors or inconsistencies, search engines may perceive it as low quality and not deliver it to users in search results. On the other hand, if your writing is clear, precise, and follows basic grammatical rules like sympathique agreement, search engines may rank it higher and deliver it to more users.

Of course, sympathique agreement is just one aspect of good writing and SEO. There are many other factors to consider, like keyword research, content quality, and backlinks. However, paying attention to basic grammatical principles like sympathique agreement can help set your content apart and make it more valuable to readers and search engines alike.

So, the next time you’re writing or editing content, remember to check for sympathique agreement. By making sure your adjectives match the gender and number of the subject they describe, you can improve the clarity, precision, and SEO value of your writing.