Internal Audit

Companies today face the pressure of doing more with fewer resources. Every business function, including internal audit, is expected to bring value to the organization. Whether it’s by reducing overall compliance costs or identifying cost containment opportunities by process improvement initiatives, management will look to internal audit to do their share. Nicholas & Robison Accounting understands these demands and offers internal audit services that not only can help you create and implement internal controls that safeguard your business assets, but also increase the efficiency, effectiveness and overall performance of the internal audit function. Our professionals can work with you to assess your corporate level risk, identify the areas of greatest risk, and develop appropriate work plans and audit programs to mitigate these risks. Our services help you to assess your control environment and establish your ongoing compliance plan, complement your existing independent audit relationships and enhance the overall quality of your corporate governance. Our internal audit services include:

  • Full outsourcing of internal audit
  • Co-sourcing with the existing internal audit function
  • Internal audit transformation
  • Process mapping and process reviews
  • Internal controls documentation and testing
  • Operational audits